March 2016

Our Blood
Is In These Stones:
Migration:Field Notes

“Why did you come to this land?”  This is a question I never asked my grandfathers and grandmothers. I wish I had. Though I can never be sure of what they would have said, the answers to this question, I believe, I already know. They are woven into my story

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. They are woven into our family’s collective story.     2016-03-15-Migration Journal-01-02 

We built our homes hoping and working for a better future for ourselves.

We were not invited.


We built our homes on someone else’s bones.

We were not invited.

 2016-03-15-Migration Journal-03-04 

 To whom do I appeal for permission to stay on the land onto which I was born?

To whom do I appeal for permission to be buried in the land on which I was born?

 2016-03-15-Migration Journal-05 

We must honor and entreat and bring restitution to the living progeny of this land for the right to be here in peace, for the right to be here as fully human beings.

 2016-03-15 14.50.03  

I am restless on this land. The land on which I was born


When I seek justice for myself I must seek justice for the Ancestors and their living progeny of this land


As visitors, late arrivers on this land, our stories here can only be told inside of Salish Stories


doo-AHBSH…People of the Inside.

hah-choo-AHBSH….People of the Large Lake.


We Are On Indigenous Land.





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