Inye Wokoma

Winter Has Come… Winter is Leaving…

12144828_10153018399201537_5912607511210381918_n Winter has come… winter is leaving… these are thoughts on the new place photography is taking in my life after a five year hiatus as an art that feeds me spiritually. I have been meditating a lot on the idea and experience of death and renewal for the past four years. This theme has been manifesting quietly in my work… almost without my noticing. I have always held that true transformation is a slow steady process punctuated by sudden, sometimes cataclysmic episodes. Death is an opportunity for new life and new life cannot flourish without and acknowledgement and embrace of death. These have been ongoing thoughts… rarely overt…rarely so succinctly articulated. Still here they are calling out to me through my photography.

When i look at what i am doing with my photography I have to sit with the fact that I put down my cameras in 2010 with the intention of taking a five year hiatus from image making as an avenue of personal spiritual expression. This was a choice led largely by intuition. I had no real plan or theory…just a felt need. I felt I had reached a summit with who I was as a photographer. I saw no way off of the peak except to cast is all off and jump. In a sense that is what I did. I find it interesting that as I began to shoot again with more regularity. It was also by intuition…a response to a felt need. Only now I am drawn to scenes from the natural world… patterns… colors… forms…. states of being…. while I have all of the technical and material resources to shoot on a ‘professional’ level… that is with lots if fancy equipment that I have full mastery over… I feel fullest when I travel lightly… most times with only a cell phone. This approach seems to mirror that call… simplicity… …lightness… …newness… …spontaneity… a kind of elegant reflection that eschews intellect… I ironically I am using more words to reflect on the process than I am inclined to do reflecting on what I am living through. It seems the older I get the more elegant non-verbal metaphors are in expressing my experience. So… with that… here are a few metaphors.

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